Chinthurst is different..

What makes us different?

It’s a feeling you get. And feelings are notoriously tricky to put into words.

Most people describe a life-affirming energy, warmth of atmosphere, and sense of fun. Many wish they could wind back the clock and come to school here themselves.

And what creates that feeling?

We’ve listed 8 contributing elements; we hope you’ll come and feel it for yourself.

1) Genuine partnership

Imagine open doors and teachers who make themselves available at the drop of a hat. Imagine on-going transparency and no surprises at parents’ evening. Imagine meaningful conversations with people who are colleagues in your child’s education. Welcome to genuine partnership.

2) Academic rigour

We don’t like to boast, so suffice it to say, all our children get into their first choice of senior school. Every year. We prepare children for a range of schools, and are a junior school of Reigate Grammar School (RGS). This means places are offered at RGS in Year 5 on the basis of internal assessment, without your child sitting an exam

3) Putting the fun into learning

Please don’t take it personally if your child doesn't want to come home at the end of the day; they’re busy having fun and making memories (otherwise known as being completely engaged in learning).  Don’t take our word for it though. Ask a Year 3 about robotic lighthouses or a Year 4 about peristalsis using tights.

4) Encouraging mistakes

The 3 little words every teacher loves to hear at Chinthurst: ‘mistakes are great’. Why? It’s a phrase that signifies a transformative mind set. It means your child understands that it’s better to get something wrong and be able to fix it, than to get it right without understanding why; it means they’re becoming an enthusiastic learner, open to problem solving.

5) The gift of time

They say the most precious gift you can give a child is time. Never has this been truer than today. That’s why we’ll give your child a ‘bubble’ with his or her name on it; leaving it on a teacher’s chair or desk signifies ‘I’d like some time’. And the teacher always prioritises that request. No matter what.

6) Obsessively child centred

Ask any member of staff about how we make decisions and you’ll hear, ‘what’s best for the child’s safety, wellbeing and education’. It isn’t always the most convenient route, but if that’s what they need, that’s what we do. 

7) Loving relationships

Ordinarily schools don’t talk about love or relationships. But this is no ordinary school. This is a school that believes relationships are crucial for wellbeing and the cornerstone of a successful and fulfilling education. Read our Head’s Welcome to learn more.

8) Community for all

Imagine a kind community that welcomes and supports the whole family. That’s Chinthurst. Think bacon butties with other parents on a Saturday morning whilst your child enjoys optional sport and a splash in the school pool. Think introductions to other families when you join. Think belonging.