Welcome to a school with heart.

Why heart? Because your child will be loved at Chinthurst. Some schools shy away from talking about love and relationships. Not us.

Relationships are what will ensure your child feels happy, safe and willing to make mistakes - key ingredients for learning.

Relationships are why your child will do so well academically here. They're why children try hard, and teachers give so generously of their time and talents.

Relationships are vital for your child’s success beyond the classroom; in friendships, sports teams, choirs, and drama casts.

Relationships are how we know your child needs the next challenge or some extra support. They’re how we find the hook to get them interested in something they find tricky. They cultivate confidence, resilience and independence.

Relationships are the reason we recruit teachers with natural warmth, nurture, a sense of fun and a genuine love of children; lesson plans can be taught, the right heart can't.

We'd love to meet you and to hear all about your child.  I hope it’ll be the start of a long relationship.

Cathy Trundle