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Curriculum Overview

"Teachers' interest in their subjects and in their charges, coupled with their enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise, inspires corporate and individual learning. The atmosphere of industry in the classrooms is outstanding. Teachers have high expectations of their pupils and encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning."

ISI Report

Educational Activities

Throughout the year the children are given the chance to take part in many different activities, both in and out of school, which are designed to further enhance their educational development. Visits to the theatre, art galleries and museums, as well as to places of historical and geographical interest, take place for children of all ages each term. Pupils also enjoy regular visits by speakers and performers who bring their enthusiasms, passions, adventures, achievements and experiences into the classroom.

There are also educational competitions held across the curriculum for pupils of all ages. For instance, we hold an annual Poetry Competition, for all pupils in the school, as well as Language Awareness Days.

Learning Support

Chinthurst offers as much Learning Support as a pupil needs. We have a SENCO who provides one to one support in literacy and numeracy and who can also support small groups from time to time in the classroom context. Form tutors communicate regularly with parents and the Learning Support teacher to ensure that pupils who need support are getting it and that the work done in individual lessons is relevant to what is taking place in the classroom. As the pupils progress and are entered for external examinations our Learning Support department makes sure that appropriate examination concessions, such as extra time or the ability to use a laptop are put in place.