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Headteacher's Welcome

To be Headteacher of Chinthurst School is an honour and I now have only one priority – the continued and increased success of Chinthurst School.

As former Deputy Headteacher of Reigate St. Mary's Preparatory and Choir School (RSM), I have been an important part of the success story over the last 10 years since it formed a similar partnership with Reigate Grammar School (RGS) to the one that Chinthurst has recently entered into. Just over a year ago, Reigate St. Mary's was judged as 'excellent' in all categories by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and has more than doubled in size since partnering with Reigate Grammar School allowing significant investment in facilities. I have learnt two key lessons: firstly, how to enable that success at Chinthurst; and secondly, it is imperative that Chinthurst School retains its distinctive ethos and, yes, that includes its staff, name, uniform, traditions and, most importantly, its lovely caring atmosphere.

As Headteacher, I will cherish all that is so great about Chinthurst School. I will work tirelessly, learning from and working with the children, parents, staff and Governors to add value wherever we can. I have the highest aspirations for this school and your children and I have the backing of both the Chinthurst School Governors and the RGS and RSM Governors to make that happen. This is a long-term commitment for a certain future.

My values and priorities match those of Chinthurst School. Education is about far more than academic achievement alone. Our pupils’ lives are full of drama, music, sport and a host of other activities that stretch and inspire them. We seek to educate the whole child and set them on the path to fulfilled lives and happy adulthood. More importantly, through the foundation-values of the school and my own personal daily motivation, I know that children need to be looked after and understood, to feel safe and happy. I promise that we will look after them.

Chinthurst School boys and girls will progress to Epsom, St John’s, Reigate Grammar School and other leading senior schools. They will do so having loved their school days, having secured lifetime memories and lifelong friendships. They will leave ready to grasp all that life beyond Chinthurst School has to offer because they will have secure self-esteem, transferrable learning and will be ready!

To experience the happy and caring environment at Chinthurst, please come and visit us soon. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Cathy Trundle