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Important News - March 2017

Chinthurst School, a much-loved and highly successful preparatory school which excels in providing a caring and inspirational education to local children, has entered into a partnership with two other highly regarded local schools, Reigate St Mary's Preparatory and Choir School (RSM) and Reigate Grammar School (RGS).

Under the new long term commitments, Chinthurst will be fully supported to retain and develop its current ethos and values while becoming a key member of the RGS family of schools. Catherine Trundle, formerly RSM Deputy Head, has joined Chinthurst as Headteacher. 

Miss Trundle said: "This is a tremendous opportunity for Chinthurst, Reigate St Mary's and Reigate Grammar School. Chinthurst has a wonderful, happy atmosphere and shares similar values with RSM and RGS. I am looking forward to leading Chinthurst through the next phase of its development'.