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Lower School - Key Stage 1 

'Fun and interactive lessons, embracing a variety of learning techniques ensure Chinthurst pupils love school'

During Year 1 and 2 pupils spend much of the day with their class teacher and have subject specialist teaching for Music, Computing, MFL, Design and Technology, Games and PE.

Learning is based on the National Curriculum Framework. As an independent school, however, we take advantage of the freedom we have to develop and further explore areas of interest.

Trips and visits support and extend our academic curriculum with trips to working farms, zoos and museums. We also invite visitors such as authors, musicians and explorers to bring their love of their subject into the classroom to further extend the boundaries of the children’s learning.

As with the Early Years we encourage our parents to be involved in their child’s education and good communication between parents and staff is vital to ensure that each child is a happy learner and able to push their academic boundaries.