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Headteacher's Roundup 5 October 2018

A major consideration which stopped me from becoming a Headteacher sooner was my love of being in the classroom.  Therefore one of my priorities this term is to teach all of the children before Christmas,  I am lucky to have already taught 2W and 5F Maths and 6B English.  I have loved every minute of it as there is no better way to understand and connect with the children who are an absolute pleasure to teach.  They have shown to be engaged in their learning, keen to answer questions and respectful of each other by listening to their answers.  I am looking forward to teaching the remaining classes and undertaking more instruction in general this year.
I am delighted to report that we now have a set of ipads in school for the children.  These will now be used where appropriate; in lessons to enhance learning, develop their skills and aid motivation.  This, in conjunction with their extensive ICT curriculum, maximises our children’s technology knowledge.
It has been another busy and fulfilling week.  It was wonderful to see and catch up with the Year 6 parents this week at their parent’s evening and I look forward to seeing Year 5 on Tuesday 9th and Year 4 to Little Chicks parents on Thursday 11th October.
Our open morning yesterday was exceptionally positive as we had 11 Families visit us looking at a variety of different year groups.  The school looked incredible with all of the new renovations and as always the children were utterly charming.  The visiting parents commented on how engaged, polite, happy and confident they all were.  An enormous thank you for all the constructive remarks you continue to give people about Chinthurst, please keep doing so!