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Nursery adventures..

Nursery have had a very busy first few weeks back after Christmas, enjoying lots of fun activities. Our topic has been ‘The Jolly Postman’, which has involved looking at different fairy-tale stories. During the first two weeks we studied Goldilocks and the Three Bears, before moving on to Jack and the Beanstalk

In computing the children have learnt how to use a Beebot as their new programmable friend. The children enjoyed learning how to switch him on and off and experimenting with making him move in different directions. The aim has been to develop their knowledge of positional language and practise their counting. Jack and the Beanstalk has been fun to incorporate into our maths learning. The children very much enjoyed guessing how big the giant's feet are compared to their own and then drawing round their feet so that they could measure by counting cubes to see how big or little their feet are. In September we started a measuring chart so that children can see how tall they are getting throughout the year. I certainly think we may have some giants in Kindergarten by the end of the year!

In P.E lessons Mr Jacobs has introduced the children to the basics of rugby which they have thoroughly enjoyed. Already some are showing promise that might develop into genuine talent further up the school. In multi-sports on a Monday with Miss Hartley the children had a go at using speed and agility ladders on which they practised some drills of hopping, jumping and running in between the lines.

In cooking Nursery are becoming quite the little chefs. They have made porridge which they all found very tasty (so it was agreed that it must have been baby bear's porridge!). They have also enjoyed cooking flapjacks and pizzas. The Nursery children and staff would like to thank the CPA for our lovely little house. It has proved very popular amongst the children and we are all looking forward to having picnics there in the summer.