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We are winners!


A few weeks ago, we discovered that we were finalists in an international competition run by the David Shepherd Wildlife Association. Full of excitement, myself, Mrs Lyth and eight Chinthurst pupils travelled to The Natural History Museum for the final judging last Thursday. 

We arrived at 11am to set up our exhibit and then had an opportunity to view the other finalists' installations which all looked wonderfully creative.  Entries came from schools as far afield as Turkey and Kazakhstan as well as art colleges and primary schools from all over the UK. As one of only 17 entries to be invited to The Natural History Museum, with just 6 prizes to be awarded, we knew it was going to be tough.  Amazingly we were chosen for the 'Mandy Shepherd Personal Choice' award.

Mandy Shepherd (David Shepherd’s daughter) was the guest speaker for the day and picked our entry as her favourite of the competition.  I could not be prouder of every single child in Year 4 to 6 who contributed to this achievement and of course of Mrs Lyth who inspired and directed the project.  It is an amazing achievement that out of over 5050 children who took part across 26 countries and 4 continents, our small school in Tadworth won an award.

Miss Trundle