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Two weeks of literacy

What a fortnight of literary-expanding adventures we have had at Chinthurst! With much fanfare last Monday welcomed the return of our special Chinthurst ‘Book Week’. Throughout the week all the marvellous Chinthurst children undertook a wide variety of reading-themed activities and challenges. However these tasks were not restricted to our English lessons, but also took place in ICT and Art lessons and were all centred on the notion of having fun with reading.

Everyone at Chinthurst entered our much-lauded ‘Book Week’ with the usual literary spirit by taking part in a daily DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) slot. At random times of the day, a klaxon was sounded and everyone, I do mean everyone, had to drop what they were doing and read for ten minutes. This was a fantastic sight to behold around the school as both adult and child alike were able to slow down and take a break from their busy schedules to read their favourite book. I hope you have been keeping up with all our great photos on our social media pages!

Each class was also tasked with choosing a particular book or text with which to base their English lessons on. As you will have noticed walking around the school, each class decorated their doors to provide clues to their chosen book. From leafy beanstalks to socks on a washing line to magical medicine bottles, we certainly  made good use of our artistic talents.

With so much going on, it would be easy to forget that last Thursday was our always-entertaining ‘World Book Day’ celebrations. Each year I wonder how we can ever top the previous year's efforts in displaying such a wide range of characters and authors – and this year was no different. We had a plethora of Harry Potter and Potter related characters, many boys in pretty dresses, a couple of Grandpas who were unceasing in their attempts to escape and even our very own Mary Poppins with her special spoonful of sugar. Of course chim-chiminey-ing on rooftops was strictly forbidden! One of my favourite parts of the day was the mixing of Lower and Upper School for some special interactive paired-reading. It is always an absolute pleasure to see members of Upper School interacting with such maturity, energy and enthusiasm and inspiring our Lower School with their reading.

Throughout the week there were also some rumours that a certain Master Trevor Vickers, former international story-stealer, would make another appearance. Indeed, this did turn out to be true but not in the way predicted. We received a video recording from his prison cell where he expressed his deep regret over his actions last year. He has now realised the error of his ways and apologised profusely to all those who missed their reading books and wished us all a most splendiferous World Book Day 2019!

Mr William ‘Mad-Eye’ Beadle
Head of English