A daily Mindful Minute

Chinthurst’s wellbeing programme now includes a daily Mindful Minute for every child in the school. During Mental Health Awareness week, this was extended further with activities designed to help the children develop healthy mind habits for life.

Mindfulness is recognised as a useful tool for decreasing anxiety and promoting happiness in children. Research also suggests that it can enhance focus in the classroom, increase attention and improve social skills.

With an already strong wellbeing programme embedded in the school, the introduction of a daily Mindful Minute at Chinthurst is proving an effective way to help teach the children the importance of appreciating the moment and not worrying about the future. The Mindful Minute takes place after lunch and is an excellent way for the children to settle in to afternoon classes or focus on sports matches. Sessions are varied and can include simple breathing techniques or outside activities which help to focus on the five senses.

During Mental Health Awareness week the whole school, from Nursery to Year 6 and all the teachers took part in an outdoor stretch followed by body scanning designed to teach the children to ‘check in’ with their bodies and appreciate the moment.

Headteacher Cathy Trundle says, “Being Mindful is an effective way to manage stress and regulate behaviour at any age. By teaching our children Mindfulness, we are giving them the tools to cope with the challenges life will undoubtedly present them with, so they can reach their potential and become happy and fulfilled adults”

Written on 23rd May 2019

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