Headteacher's Roundup 7 June 2019

We have come back to school after half term with a week filled with wonderful events.  Our Year 5 and 6 school production, Porridge has been a resounding success.  The play, based on fairy tale characters was jam packed with singing, dancing and a stream of appallingly hilarious jokes!  All of the children took part with boundless enthusiasm, energy and dedication which made the show such a triumph.  It is events such as these that truly demonstrate the magic of Chinthurst.  All of our children were excited, happy, engaged and keen to make the performance the best that it could be.  They commanded the stage with confidence, whatever their role and recognised the joy of being a part of something, rather than having to be the star.  All of the children were stars in my mind, each of them stepping out of their comfort zone, supporting their friends, working so hard as a team to ensure they each could do their best.  Congratulations to all of the children, I continue to be immensely proud of each and every one of you.  I would also like to thank my exceptionally hard-working, committed and loving staff who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to stage the event.  Mrs ST and Miss Veal for the wonderful Music and Drama direction,  Mr Beadle and Mr McWilliams for sound and lights but also to all those back stage helping with make-up, costumes, props, cues and prompting.  It really is a team effort and I thank you all for the part you played. 

Best Wishes
Cathy Trundle

Written on 20th August 2019

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