Reception Visit Bocketts Farm Park

On Tuesday, the Reception children had a fabulous day at Bocketts Farm Park. They enjoyed stroking many different animals including guinea pigs, goats, horses and alpacas whilst learning some interesting facts – for example, goats have rectangular pupils! We all climbed aboard the trailer for a wonderful tractor ride, taking us through the butterfly forest. After lunch, the children watched Be’oink’ce and Lord Volder’snot’ go head-to-head in the pig race. The children were extremely well behaved and were a true credit to the school. Thank you so much to the parents who volunteered to help. 
Back in class, we have been writing our thank you letters to Farmer Ben. We have been acting out the story of The Little Red Hen and discussing where our food comes from. There have been some interesting answers!

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Written on 4th October 2019

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