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Rising 3s and Kindergarten


Our Early Years setting is a calm and gentle environment and an integral part of nurturing the Chinthurst family ethos. It is a happy, bright and spacious environment for your child with our dedicated and highly qualified staff fostering a warm atmosphere that encourages an enquiring mind.

Children join us in the term that they turn three years old (Rising 3s) and spend a minimum of 3 mornings with us, with the option of adding additional morning and afternoon sessions as required. In the academic year that your child turns four, they will then move to Kindergaten where they will spend a minimum of 5 mornings with us, with additional afternoon sessions as required.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage with a good balance of free-flow play and more structured learning in the classroom or ICT suite. To support this we also have an activity each day as follows:

  • Monday - Tennis Tots
  • Tuesday - Forest Walk
  • Wednesday - Drama
  • Thursday - Cookery
  • Friday - Games

We want all our children first and foremost to be happy and settled in their first educational setting and to enjoy being with us. We will monitor and communicate your child's progress regularly and ensure they are ready to move on to the next stage of their school life.