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At Chinthurst our excellent pastoral care ensures that each child quickly feels part of the Chinthurst family. Form Teachers will look after the academic, social and pastoral well-being of each child in their care. However, all teachers pride themselves on knowing each and every pupil in the whole school and will also liaise with Form Teachers to ensure your child is happy and is progressing well.

With a high teacher-to-pupil ratio, our dedicated and caring staff are able to ensure that the classroom provides a happy, safe and exciting learning environment whilst ensuring that your child's individual needs are met. The Form Teacher is the first point of contact for parents and guardians and our 'Open Door' policy means that parents are able to discuss any aspect of care or day-to-day issues as and when necessary.

We believe each child is a valued and unique member of the Chinthurst family and that we are partners in your child's care and academic and social development.