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Pre-Preparatory - Key Stage 1 

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are based in a self-contained building with their own play areas. We provide a broad and exciting, child-centred curriculum which stimulates young minds and ignites a love of learning, enabling children to flourish. Progress is encouraged through immediate positive praise and reward badges celebrating achivements, whether for academic or personal skills.

Young learners develop their sense of discovery where reading and writing skills and numerical understanding go hand in hand with Art, ICT, Music, P.E. and Games lessons. Specialist teachers take the children for French, Spanish, Music, ICT, PE and Games. Pre-Prep children enjoy the use of Main School facilities including the Sports Hall, Astro court, ICT suite and swimming pool which enables them to get to know all the staff and feel comfortable in the larger environment. In addition Year 2 pupils regularly visit Year 3 for a number of activities which also aids in the seamless transition from pre-preparatory to preparatory.

Trips and visits support and extend our academic curriculum with trips to working farms, zoos and museums. We also invite visitors such as authors, musicians and explorers to bring their love of their subject into the classroom to further extend the boundaries of the children’s learning.

As with the nursery we encourage our parents to be involved in their child’s education and good communication between parents and staff is vital to ensure that each child is a happy learner and able to push their academic boundaries.