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The Music Department is a strong and vibrant part of the school life and ethos at Chinthurst. We currently have two choirs, percussion ensemble, brass group, recorder group and guitar group which all rehearse on a weekly basis with specialist instrumental staff.

We believe in providing a wide and varied range of both curricular and extra-curricular musical activities in which pupils are encouraged to participate fully, in order to help them to achieve their full potential and to enjoy the subject in its own right. Class music is taught from four years of age by specialist Music staff, to cover all aspects of musicianship including the study of world music, the elements and theory of music, contemporary and popular music and the history of western classical music, through the activities of performing, composing, arranging and listening. Workshops are included in the syllabus to support and enhance learning in class music lessons, as well as the use of ICT across the curriculum.

A large team of instrumental teachers provides individual and group tuition on a wide range of instruments, to include both orchestral and more contemporary instruments such as percussion and guitar. At present, there are over 60 pupils studying one or more musical instruments and pupils are encouraged to perform pieces at concerts and at the House Music Competition which is held annually in school and adjudicated by an external invigilator. We follow both the Associated Board and Trinity Guildhall examination syllabus for instrumental examinations, selected by the instrumental teacher and tailored to individual pupils' strengths and requirements. A number of pupils also achieve Music Scholarships to their Public Schools.

The Choristers:

Two choirs rehearse throughout the week, with the Junior and Senior Choirs performing at the weekly church service. Diversity is at the heart of their work: charity events, concerts, workshops help give breadth to their musical training and many of the pupils win music awards to senior schools. The experience and self discipline a chorister acquires stays with the pupil for the rest of their life.