Chinthurst School Logo

Providing an all-round education

We aim to provide a fulfilling and balanced education so that your child will leave us confident and friendly.  Although the school is non-selective, we are proud of our academic achievements.  Traditional values and respect and endeavour are mixed with the latest teaching approaches and technology to create an atmosphere of high expectations.

Although Chinthurst is renowned for its sporting excellence, the children achieve excellent academic results and there is great strength in Music, Art and Drama. Besides a well structured academic programme provided by high quality staff, we also offer a superb range of  extra-curricular activities, giving them the chance to try almost everything.

Smaller classes create the ideal learning environment.

The key to the school’s success and the value we offer parents, is a belief in optimum class size. This allows for a greater focus on developing a child’s strength.  We are aiming for the average class size at Chinthurst to be 18 in the Main School and 16 in the Pre-Prep, which we believe strikes the right balance between time for the individual and time for children to interact with their peers.   This we believe is one of the most significant benefits we offer both parents and children, compared to other Independent schools in the South East area. Whilst there may still be some academic debate as to the benefits of smaller class sizes, our experience tells us that both pupils and teachers perform better when there is more teacher to pupil time. It works well with all children, where they can be given specific work and instruction, but it also helps with learning support, when some children need extra attention and care.

Preparing individuals for whatever they choose to do in life

We are a friendly and happy school which offers each child a breadth and depth of experience in every aspect of their lives. We aim to encourage and stimulate all our pupils’ sense of discovery, both inside and outside the classroom, be they musical, dramatic, artistic or sporting. We believe that it is important for children to grow as individuals and to take responsibility for their actions. We encourage pupils to think for themselves, but also be part of a team, whether it is a Science project, on the sports field or in the choir. We help them with their leadership skills which will stand them in good stead for the future. They learn that each and every one of them has talent and personality which will be developed by the range of opportunities available to them. We believe firmly that learning should be an enjoyable experience and pupils quickly acquire a love of learning in a happy, stimulating and disciplined environment.